4.75 in HIGH x 15.5 in WIDE
(12.06 cm HIGH x 39.37 cm WIDE)
Gift of Bonnie C. Maly, in memory of Beth Bettencourt

J. V. Gooch Co. 49-E, Sector 15, Batt. 8, Block 2119, #5159

IBM, 7-24-02: Air Raid Warden's arm band of cotton twill, printed with the civil defense logo in red and blue, with "S.F. Air Raid Warden, 5159" printed in blue beneath the logo. Written in pencil on one side is "J. V. Gooch Co. 49-E Sector 15 Batt. 8 Block 2119." Large silver colored metal safety pin (used to fasten the band in place) is still attached to the back of the armband.

Used: J. V. Gooch | World War II | Homefront

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