Oakland Estuary I
1926 - 1928|1993
Gift of the Novy Fund

frame, mat
AF Gay (facsimile), lower right corner
8/40 Oakland Estuary I CMO 1994 AF Gay ESTATE, across bottom
Scene in Oakland, March 9 - August 25, 2002, The Oakland Museum of California Art Special Gallery

This is a black and white image of the Oakland Estuary, c. 1926-28. There are deserted shacks and delapidated piers, and boats in the impression. There are are no people or animals present. From the object file: Oakland Estuary I was hand-printed by David Kelso at 'made in California' in a posthumous edition of forty numbered impressions from one copper plate executed by the artist as a hardground etching with drypoint. The plate was inked in a mixture of Graphic Chemical 514 black and 2265 sepia (2:1). Each impression is numbered, titled and dated in pencil by Clemence M. Otto for the artist's Estate. A facsimile signature, "A F Gay," with subscript legend, "ESTATE," is stamped in lieu of the artist's signature, and each impression bears the embossed chop mark of 'made in California' a the right corner of the lower margin, with paper watermark located in the lower margin. One bon a tirer impression was printed outside the current numbered edition. No other impressions are known to exist.

Information moved to this field, 10/24/02 JATExhibition Label: "Scene in Oakland", Oakland Museum of CaliforniaMarch 9 - August 25, 200215. August Gay (1891-1949)Oakland Estuary I, c. 1926-1929Etching on paperGift of the Novy Fund

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