Amnesiac Button up
Fall 2002
Gift of Counter Culture

Counter Culture (embroidered in gray and white thread at back right mid-shoulder, 'Culture' is upside-down)Defy tradition (on label on inner button placket at center front hem)Stash Pocket (on paper sticker at center front hem)

Short-sleeved, size M button-up shirt is made from a maroon polyester/viscose plain weave. Fabric features a fine plaid of gray and white. Embroidered at back right mid-shoulder is one of the Counter Culture's logos, the words "Counter Culture" with 'Culture' printed upside-down. Shirt features three pockets, one each at left and right breast, with buttons, and a small, hidden "stash pocket" (so called by a glossy paper sticker on the reverse side, meant to be removed when shirt is worn) at the inside center front hem, partially hidden by fold of the button facing. This pocket may be intended to be used as a receptacle for 'stashing' marijuana or other drugs. In addition to the label of the manufacturer and the care label at the center back neck, there is a small label on the button placket at the center front hem, placed so that when the shirt is buttoned closed, the label is not visible. 80% polyester, 20% viscose. Manufacturer's cardboard hang tag still attached to proper left sleeve hem.

Obtained on Counter Culture's website (at ) on September 10, 2002: "Counter Culture is a progressive clothing company focused on the youth of today. With influences from surf, skate, street, snow and music Counter Culture is at the core of these youth driven lifestyles. Started in 1991, Counter Culture is a company that provides an environment that promotes creativity, individuality and allows it's people the freedom to live the lifestyles that the company was influenced by. All of this creates the energy necessary for us to thrive and it is reflected in everything we do."See donor file for company timeline.

Used: adult | Male | Leisure | Skateboarding | Drugs

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