mid 1960s
43.25 in|9.875 in WIDE
(109.85 cm|25.08 cm WIDE)
Gift of Kay Sekimachi

Weaver Kay Sekimachi wove the diagonal brown and black alpaca twill weave for this coat and scarf. A: Coat, has a high yoke with kimono style sleeves, 3/4 length; the yoke is set apart from the body of the coat with a double welted seam. There is no collar, just a welted seam all around the neck and either side at the front of the coat; it fastens with a single large black snap. There are no pockets. The coat is lined in brown satin (probably an acetate satin. B: Scarf is a narrow piece of the twill, woven to its size (no hems) and finished at either end with a knotted fringe made of the brown warp yarns.

Kay Sekimachi wove the fabric, but her mother, Wakuri Sekimachi, made the coat.

Used: Kay Sekimachi | Female ~ adult | Afternoon

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