This October, 1906, issue of The Ladies' Home Journal has a colored illustration of a bride and groom on the cover; they are kneeling with the bridal bouquet placed on the floor in front of them. The back cover, which is also in full color, features an advertisement for Colgate's Talc Powder. In addition to the articles on fashion for women and children, this issue has a feature on clothing for teenage girls. There's also "Paderewski's New Song Without Words," "The Revival of Ribbon-Work," embroidery patterns for childrens' linens by Grace Drayton (here called Grace G. Wiederseim), "Good and Bad Taste in Beds," "$2000 Will Build This Cottage," "Suppers for Church Folks to Give," an article by President Theodore Roosevelt on farming, "The Story of Peter Pan," "The After College Girl" and "The Honest American Marriage: A Plea for Home Building" by Grover Cleveland.

Used: Miss Helen Jackson | Adult | Female

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