82.75 in|42 in WIDE
(210.18 cm|106.68 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Myrtle Wolf.

A: Quilt made of natural colored muslin (unbleached); all four of the edges are bound in green bias tape. Approximately six inches in from the edge is a slightly undulating border of appliqued green bias tape, with floral buds: green leaves and a tender pink bud. The body of the quilt is made from blocks centered with an appliqued quaterfoil flower - pink outer petals, rose colored inner petals and each has a pink center; centered on each outer petal of the quaterfoil is an appliqued green stem, two leaves and an encased pink bud. There are twelve blocks with these large floral appliques. The buds, leaves and flowers are quilted in the ditch; along the vine-like border appliqued up from the hem, there is plume patterned quilting; the body of the quilt is done in soda cracker pattern quilting. B: Sham, matches the quilt in fabric and color. It is quilted in the soda cracker pattern (but has no batting, so the quilting is perfunctory). One of the small buds (with leaves) is appliqued at each corner. The large pink and rose colored quatrefoil flower is appliqued in the center, along with the four ancillary buds appliqued at the center of each of the four floral petals. All of the quilting and the applique is done by hand. The binding might have been machine stitched on one side, but the final stitching on this is also done by hand.

The exact name of this quilt pattern has not yet been found. Research has been conducted through the pages of "Key to 1000 Quilt Patterns" by Judy Rehmel, Richmond, IN, second printing, 1978; "Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns" by Barbara Brackman, American Quilter's Society, Paducah, KY, 1993; and "Encyclopedia of Applique by Barbara Brackman, EPM Publications, McLean, VA, 1993. The pattern on our quilt most closely resembles "Bud and Blossom" pattern, 11.45, from "The Family" 1913, found on page 66 of Brackman's "Encyclopedia of Applique." (Since that pattern is the closet, but not a perfect match, there are also other patterns that "come close:" All of these are found in Brackman's "Encyclopedia of Applique:" on page 66 - 11.21 Wild Rose, 11.22 Topeka Rose, 11.23 Hearts and Flowers, 11.25 Ohio Rose, 11.32 Rose of Sharon Cluster, 11.42 "Colonial Rose; pg. 67 - 11.831 California Rose, 11.832 Grandmother's Quilt, 11.835 Pennsylvania Dutch Rose, 11.87, 11.95 Tulips and Buds; on page 126 - 45.24 Rose of Sharon.)

Used: bedding

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