9 in HIGH x 7 in WIDE
(22.86 cm HIGH x 17.78 cm WIDE)
Oakland Tribune Collection, Oakland Museum of California, gift of ANG Newspapers

Buddha Lion with attendant climbing steps of Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Assn. building. See below for text of story pasted on back of photo. Shot from the rear, attendant is on the left side of the photo. He is wearing a large helmet-like mask that covers his entire head, long-sleeve shirt, pants and dark sox with eight small white squares visible and shoes. The lion is in the middle of the photo, again taken from the rear. It appears to be a three-person lion in that three legs clad in colorful sox and shoes are visible beneath the cloth body of the lion (assumes there is another person in the head). The cloth body extends back from the head of the lion, has horizontal designs and the back end is tied together to create a very short tail. The back of the lion's head and neck area are also visible. The head is mainly painted with decorative fringed ears. The lion and attendant are toward the bottom of seven steps of a building. On the top steps/porch are a small crowd (approximately 15 Chinese(?) men) looking at the lion. The men on the right side of the photo are in dark suits, white shirts and fedoras; one man on step 2 is wearing a light colored jacket, dark trousers, has a colorful "belt" or cloth extending from his waistband. He appears younger than the men in suits. The men on the left side of the photo are dressed in long sleeve jackets of various colors; two are wearing head bands, and the rest are hatless. The entrance of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Assn. has seven steps, a flat area/porch then a large double doorway. The area around the doorway is white and beyond this area creating another "frame" are Chinese characters on either side with the English words "Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Assn. across the top. The doors are open - the interior is dark but a chandiler is visible. From story pasted on back of photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOTO - FROM SAN FRANCISCO - PLEASE USE CREDIT "CHINESE 'LION' ASKS TO BE FED San Francisco , Jan. 29. -- The 'Buddha Lion,' traditional figure in celebration of the Chinese New Year, is shown above making his annual call on shops and business houses of San Francisco's Chinatown. The lion is 'fed' money wrapped in lettuce leaves which goes to chairty." Associated Press Photo Fx A NYneg CX2 sj 1/29/36 2:15 pm

From white file folder Chinese Americans

Used: Oakland Tribune

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