Real Silk Hosiery mending kit
20th century
2.625 in HIGH x 1.5 in WIDE x .25 in DEEP
(6.67 cm HIGH x 3.81 cm WIDE x .63 cm DEEP)
Gift of Barbara G. Anderson

C. Reeder, GL9223

Mending kit, folded over like a matchbook. The background color on the front is brown with an illustration of a stylish woman (wearing a sweater, gloves, holding her hat with one hand and the leash for her scottie dog with the other, as the wind whips her skirt high above her knees; leaves are whirling in the background. "Real Silk Hoisery mending kit" is print across the bottom. On the back it reads: "Obtrainable only from a Real Silk Representative", written in pencil in a local Bay Area telephone number "C. Reeder, GL 9223." That's Glencourt 9223. Inside is a complete set of "run-arrestors" and a small amount of gray thread, wrapped around the yellow card inserted into the kit.

Used: mending

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