4.25 in HIGH x 2.875 in WIDE
(10.79 cm HIGH x 7.30 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Norma Stanberry


Pair of brown leather pumps with embossed chevrons, and match leather laces decorating the toe. A: Right shoe; B: left shoe. Both shoes ar smooth and shaded brown leather, with a stacked leather high heel. The "Amalfi" brand name is woven on a ribbon inserted in the inner sole on both shoes.

Norma Stanberry's home was destroyed in the Fire Storm that hit the Oakland Hills in October, 1991. As she and her husband were quickly gathering the signle carload of possessions that they were able to rescue before the fire hit their home, Norma gathered things from her closet. Her husband, Donald was with her and said "Don't forget your shoes." She reached down to the floor of her closet and took these shoes, her very favorites.

Used: Norma Stanberry | Oakland | Daytime | Adult ~ female | Oakland Firestorm

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