Gift of Daniel Lufkin

Connie Mack National Championship Team, 1959

Beisbol bat, painted black, with the names of the team as well as the championship stamped in gold ink. Commemorative Bat from the Connie Mack National Championship of 1959, presented to the team members, including Daniel Lufkin, the donor. The championship was held in St. Joseph, Missouri in August 21-24, 1959. The team Manager was Geroge Powles, the sponsor was Sam Bercovich and the coach was Bob Mingham. Team members listed are: George Aubrey, Dave Blasquez, Pat Brosnan, Sal Bruno, Ernie Fazio, John Flavin, Woodson Foster, Tom Harper, Dan Lufkin, Ferd Martinez, Nat Martinez, Bob McCreery, Curt Motton, Joe Panella, Aaron Pointer, Bob Russell, Rich Utsumi, Bill Vegel. This team was integrated and when they travelled to Missouri for the Championsip, they encountered segregation in the hotel. George Powles said the whole team would go back if they did not allow all the players to stay together, which they ultimately did.

There is a photograph of teh team in the George Polwes collection.

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