Henry J. Kaiser Escort Carrier
13 in HIGH x 10 in DEEP
(33.02 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm DEEP)
Gift of Kim Kaiser

"ESCORT AIRCRAFT CARRIER / BUILT BY / KAISER COMPANY, INC., VANCOUVER, WASH / U.S. NAVY, TYPE CVE-HULLS 55-104 INC. / U.S.M.C. TYPE S4.S2-BB3-HULLS 1092-1141 INC. / KAISER COMPANY, INC. - HULLS 301-50 INC. / 1943-1944" (silver colored plaque on front left corner of base); "TECHNICAL MODEL SERVICE / VAN RYPER / VINEYARD HAVEN, MASS." (silver colored plaque in right front corner of base)

Ship model, Henry J. Kaiser Escort Carrier Model, presented to President F. D. Roosevelt by Henry J. Kaiser in order to sell the ship to the U.S. government during WWII. It is in a glass case. a) ship model; b) case. This Escort Aircraft Carrier was built by Kaiser Company, Inc. from 1943-1944. Wooden ship (a) is painted gray on top; the underside and tiller are painted maroon. There are two silver colored propellers at bottom of boat. Both port and starboard sides have three balconies with railing; the center balconies have steps going down to the water. The top of the ship is an airplane runway with black markings. Extending out and just below the runway are port and starboard sides are balconies with machine guns--also painted gray. There is a tower with wires, wenches and pulleys on the starboard side of the ship towards the front. On top of the runway are two light gray single propeller "tail-dragger" airplanes with a single small wheel in back and two larger wheels in front. Planes have clear plastic windows on top with clear plastic disks, representing propellers, in front. Model rests on a blue base via two metal cylinders. Unit is in a glass vitrine (b) with a black wooden base. Model was presented to OMCA as a gift from the Kaiser family. PCK 2/9/07

Used: presentation | Shipping industry | Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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