HP 200ABR Audio Oscillator
7 in HIGH x 18.75 in WIDE x 12 in DEEP
(17.78 cm HIGH x 47.62 cm WIDE x 30.48 cm DEEP)
Museum Purchase

An audio oscillator is an instrument that generates one pure tone or frequency at a time. They were used to design, produce, and maintain telephones, stereos, radios, and other audio equipment. The first Hewlett-Packard audio oscillator was the HP 200A. The sound engineer for the movie Fantasia, impressed with the 200A, asked Bill Hewlett to make some modifications to the tool and the 200B was born. Walt Disney Studios ordered 8 200B and used them on the movie Fantasia. This model replaced both the 200A and 200B. Audio oscillators are the means in which Hewlett and Packard got into the high tech industry.
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