Fellow Citizens of Oakland....
12.5 in HIGH x 15.5 in WIDE
(31.75 cm HIGH x 39.37 cm WIDE)
Gift of Fred M. and Sharon J. Squires

W.A. Bridge and H.R. Hill

This cartoon might have been created to run in one of the local newspapers at the end of Mayor Morcom"s term, or it might have been created as a keepsake for the Mayor to take with him at the end of a farewell luncheon or dinner. In the center is a black and white photograph of the mayor. Drawn around him are some of the duties of his office as mayor: (starting at the center, bottom, and going around clock-wise) "Today's Schedule" listing speeches, meetings and various events the Mayor must attend; Benefit Tickets "Only" $1.00 per (the implication being that the Mayor was expected to by benefit tickets for many events, drawings, chances, etc.), image of hand holding tickets; cartoon drawing of the Mayor making a speech, "Fellow Citizens of Oakland--;" a fist demanding "Lower Taxes;" cartoon of the Mayor in a red car "Hurry!--The meeting begins at one o'clock;" cartoon of a dogg (in a coat and tie)--caption says "The way he felt" "Now Speak!" with a hand holding a large bone marked "invitation to speak" at one end and "free meal" at the other; contrast of two Oakland Baby Shows, the top one shows the Mayor holding an infant in either hand, one with first prize, the other with second; while in a lower drawing he's enjoying himself as a judge for a bathing beauty contest "Whee;" the last illustration shows the Mayor offering the key to the city to a visiting dignitary. In the center Mayor Morcom has many people asking him for work..."How about a JOB?" "Get me a JOB;" etc.

Frederick Nichcolas Morcom was elected Mayor of the City of Oakland in 1931 and served until 1933.

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