Internal combustion from Wonder of the World
20 in|16.5 in|10 in|5 in|3 in|1 in|19.75 in HIGH x 16.5 in|10 in|6.5 in|10 in|2.75 in|23.75 in WIDE x 13 in|11 in|8 in|5 in|2.5 in DEEP
(50.80 cm|41.91 cm|25.40 cm|12.70 cm|7.62 cm|2.54 cm|50.16 cm HIGH x 41.91 cm|25.40 cm|16.51 cm|25.40 cm|6.98 cm|60.32 cm WIDE x 33.02 cm|27.94 cm|20.32 cm|12.70 cm|6.35 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mr. John Toki

exhibit label
"SUPERKILN WITH TESLA POWER SUPPLY / (FOR BARE-HANDS RAKU Firings) / Ceramic, Electricity, Light, Infra Heat / Made By: Clayton Bailey- 1973 / HOW DOES IT WORK? / INFRA HEAT is created by the emission of electromagnetic waves in the visible spectrum. It does not create smoke or fumes and you cannot burn your clothes or hands with INFRA HEAT. This allows the raku process to be done with the bare hands. Tongs, gloves, and burn ointment are eliminated by using the SUPERKILN with a Tesla Power Supply, and the amazing INFRA HEAT process. TRY THIS: You may poke your fingers into this red-hot kiln to see proof that INFRA HEAT is harmless. / Toki Ceramics Collection" (exhibit label packed with piece)

Mixed media installation piece. Consists of a silver ceramic kiln (a), a black porcelain finished power supply (b), a white ceramic cone with black rubber bottom (c), a cylinder of copper wire with silver duck tape at one end (d), a bag of dung (e), a bag of white clay (f), a yellow porous stone used for firing in a kiln (g), and a poster entitled "INTERNAL COMBUSTION CERAMICS," complete with photographs that illustrate how the piece is supposed to work (h).

Used: John Toki

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