4.5 in HIGH
(11.43 cm HIGH)

Rookwood (R inside a starburst) makers mark stamped in bottom; "XIV 1786" stamped/numbered on bottom

Rose colored ceramic vase. Vase is narrow at bottom and bulbous at top tapering into a wide round opening with a very small rim. Design motif consists of six vertical strips topped by three small horizontal diamonds forming a half flower-like motif.

According to donor, Barbara F. Barbour: "My mother (Inez Dohrmann Piscel) purchased all the pieces in this donation under her married name, Mrs. Harold A. Fletcher, where at that time she lived in West Clay Park, San Francisco-from approximately 1920-1933. The vase [was] part of her household until her death (1982) where upon I inherited them."

Used: Harold Augustus Fletcher | Inez Dohrmann Pischel

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