Raft of History
40 in HIGH x 38 in WIDE x 20 in DEEP
(101.60 cm HIGH x 96.52 cm WIDE x 50.80 cm DEEP)

A Legacy of Art: The Ted and Ruth Nash Collection, OMCA, August 24 - December 30, 2007

Wood sculpture of a boat house. Lower story has portholes out the sides, some with pipes extending out of them. The back end appears as if it has broken off and the interior floor is taken up a large book. The deck above the first floor has another story on one side complete with a pillared stairway on one end and a metal covered porches on each side. This building raises to yet another story with plumbing pipes extending beyond the roof. The front section of the deck has a ship's mast that extends almost as high as the plumbing pipes. The entire piece is made of white washed wood with metal pipes on the house and twine on mast. Ship's deck (beneath mast) is littered with rope, chains and other items.
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