6.5 in HIGH x 20. in WIDE
(16.51 cm HIGH x 50.80 cm WIDE)

La Guadalupana, Alberto Chavez, Bolivar 66, Sahuayo, Mich.

Large pale color straw sombrero worn by Trinidad Jose Sanchez when he performed with his Charro friends. The sombrero has a high crown, and the brim is timmed up at the sides and the back; there are four dimples in the crown. The edge of the brim is bound with black cotton. On the top of the brim, under the brim and around the crown the hat is trimmed with black velveteen , in a scalloped pattern, with two rows of different colored tapes following the scalloped pattern. On the black velveteen are embroidered and appliquesd flowers, a horseshoe shap, embroidered embellishments and sequins. The lining is satin in a rose color and white. The cord (holding the hat on) fits in two small straw loops under the edge of the brim. The cord is yellow and black and it ends in beaded tassels.

Trinidad Jose Sanchez was born in Mexico. He came to California for work in the 1930s, met and married his wife, Esther Quintero Sanchez. They settled in Sacramento. A note with this sombrero (from the donor to her daughter) read: "VIVA MEXICO! Grandpa Trini would be so proud to see you in this! (heart--[love]) Manii"

Used: Trinidad Jose Sanchez | Charro | Sacramento | Parade

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