Don Gaspar de Portola visits Letterman Hospital
7.875 in HIGH x 10. in WIDE
(20.00 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
Gift og Margaret Haneberg

Stamped on the back in black: "Mercer Photographs, 129 Sacramento Street, San Francisco 11, California, YUkon 6-2382." Written on the back, in pencil: "Letterman General Hospital 1946-48, L to R Walt Haneberg, Jim McCaffertey, Joe Springer, 'Don Gaspar de Portola'."

This black and white glossy photograph has a small border. The photo shows Walter Haneberg lieing in his hospital bed at Letterman Gnereal Hospital in San Francisco; the pullies for the traction on his leg are visible. Haneberg has his glasses on and he's smiling. Standing next to the bed are: Jim McCaffertey, Joe Springer and a man in elaborate costume, dressed as "Don Gaspar de Portola." "Portola" is laughing with Haneberg and is handing him a loving cup.

Waltern Haneberg was wounded in World War II and spend a few years at Letterman General Hospital, on the Presidio in San Francisco. There he met his wife-to-be, Margaret Russell, who was a Red Cross worker station at the Hospital. In the photograph, both Walter Haneberg and Jim McCaffertey are connected with Letterman General Hospital; we know Haneberg was a patient, but perhaps McCaffertey was as well.

Used: publicity | Letterman General Hospital ~ San Francisco | Red Cross

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