Change We Can Believe In. Obama Presidential Playing Cards
3.5 in HIGH x 2.5 in WIDE
(8.89 cm HIGH x 6.35 cm WIDE)

Vote Obama (on the back of each card in the deck)

Single playing card from the "Obama Presidential Playing Cards" deck. Image in the back of each card in the deck is of Senator Obama on a blue field. Image in the center of the face of each card is framed in a black outlined rectangle. BB: Is the two of Hearts and features "Maureen Dowd, Journalist" holding a sign "BaRock the Vote" and a copy of "The New York Times" with the headline "Obama Wins."

There is a complete set of playing card (52) along with two Jokers. Maureen Dowd has been a columnist for The New York Times Op-Ed page since 1995. She started at The New York Times in 1983 serving first as a metropolitan reporter and then (in 1986) in the Washington Bureau. She was named "Glamour" magazine's Woman of the Year in 1996, won a Pulitzer Prize for her columns on the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and received the Damon Runyon Award in 2000. She has been accused of "duming down her subject matter through the lens of pop culture" (Kevin R. Kosar in the NY Press). As an example--in her October 26, 2008 column she referred to the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, as "Caribou Barbie."

Used: politics | Campaign ~ presidential | Satire | Card game

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