Crown of Thorns framed photograph of maker Ole Swanson
mid 20th century
8.5 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE x 2.25 in DEEP
(21.59 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE x 5.71 cm DEEP)
Art Acquisition Fund

signed in ink on verso (see inscription)
A piece of paper is attached to the back of the frame with the following text written in ink with cursive script: [This frame is made from 350 pieces of wood. There is a fleet of 24 miniature models, which represent all different rigs there were in sailing ships, And a model of my first ship a four mast square rigged on all masts. All is carved out from blocks of white pine, sails, sea, and everything. The frame around the model is made from 1,500 pieces. There is 4,900 pieces in the Cathedral. The model of the Golden Gate bridge is made from 1,800 pieces, And all pieces are interlocked together without anything, and cut with a pocket knife by O. Swanson 1108 Page Str San Francisco]

This is a rectangular wooden frame constructed with a woodworking technique that uses interlocking wooden sticks. The frame contains a black and white photograph of the maker, Ole Swanson, posing by his models of the Golden Gate Bridge, sailing ships, and a Cathedral.

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