Butterfly Jar with Stinson Beach Landscape
28.25 in|4.5 in HIGH x 38.5 in|4 in WIDE x 14 in|4 in DEEP
(71.75 cm|11.43 cm HIGH x 97.79 cm|10.16 cm WIDE x 35.56 cm|10.16 cm DEEP)
Gift of John Dexter Shaw

Richard Shaw / 1969 - handwritten in brown glaze under lid
San Francisco Art Institute, Diego Rivera Gallery, 1968, Phil Linhares Curator/Director of Exhibitions.

This object is a large cast and thrown earthenware jar with underglazes and overglazes. The center of the jar is a cylindrical column with a wide base that tapers toward the top. The upper portion of the cylinder has a trompe l'oeil texture of coiled rope, as does the handle of the jar's domed lid. Two wings with convex sides attach to the central column. The jar's surface is decorated with a landscape scene of black and white cows grazing in a grassy field scattered with purple bounders. (A) winged jar (B) lid

per Phil Linhares on catalog worksheet:Richard, Martha Shaw, and family lived at White Gate Ranch, above Stinson Beach, California with Robert Hudson and his wife, Cornelia Schultz, from 1963 to 1976. Shaw rode his bicycle from Stinson to the San Francisco Art Institute (round-trip) each day he taught. / Catalog: "The Years at White Gate Ranch, Stinson Beach, California 1963-1976," Published by the Bolinas Museum for the Art and History of Coastal Marin.

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