1.8125 in|1 in HIGH x 6.125 in|1.125 in WIDE x 9.1875 in|2.1875 in DEEP
(4.60 cm|2.54 cm HIGH x 15.56 cm|2.86 cm WIDE x 23.34 cm|5.56 cm DEEP)
Gift of the Grant/Fogarty Family

Cootie Game by W. H. Schaper Mfg. Co. in Minneapolis, Min., "An exciting educational game for all ages." The point of the game is to assemble a "cootie" or an insect by rolling the die to win pieces of the insect (head, body, antenna, mouth, eyes, and legs). The box top has "MAR 6 1958" in black capital block letters stamped on the top and "JUN 22 1958" in black capital block letters on the box top side. The game and box consits of 56 pieces. A: box top; B: box bottom; C: white rectangular box inside game box that holds the cootie bodies and die; D: white cardstock with black writing that holds all the cootie pieces; E: black cootie body; F: blue cootie body; G: red cootie body; H: pink cootie body; I: dice; J-L: three green cootie heads (L has a broken mouth); M-T: eight red antenna (feelers); U-X: four pink proboscis (mouth); Y-EE: seven black eyes; FF-CCC: twenty four yellow legs; DDD: rectangular paper, price list of parts.

Used: Lori Fogarty | Cootie game | Educational

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