11.125 in HIGH x 8.125 in WIDE
(28.26 cm HIGH x 20.64 cm WIDE)
Gift of Sherry Smith Bell

Written in graphite below plate, BC: "Alan Larkin 18/20"

This is a lithograph inspired by William Holman Hunt's work, "Isabella and the Pot of Basil" (1866-68). The print shows a woman on the left side of the composition in profile standing next to a ledge supporting large urns filled with plants. The ledge is decorated with relief sculpture of a female figure at lower right. The woman has long red hair and wears a blue skirt and a pink corset over a shirt with large sleeves. She reaches up to hold the sides of an urn that sits on the ledge and presses her face into the side of the container.

"Although I am temperamentally disinclined to copy another's work, I am often intrigued by what I perceive to be at the emotional heart of a design. Simply stated, the design of 'Isabella and the Pot of Basil' involves a large rhythmical movement ending in convolution near the head, hands, and plant." / Alan Larkin

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