This is a Sunbonnet Sue crib quilt, It is bound in pale yellow; the borders and sashes are of a dainty yellow rose print calico. Each Sunbonnet Sue is dressed in a floral print (small calico), with harmonizing solid colored sunbonnet, feet, arm and pocket. Each hat has hand embroidered "bonnet strings" in outline stitch, and each pocket has hand embroidered flowers done in lazy daisy stitch (three to a pocket in contrasting color). The colors used are pastels:orchid color, peach color, blue, pink, green, (Although most of the embroidery is done in solid colored threads, some flowers are embroidered in varigated threads.) Each of the figures (dresses, sunbonnets, hands, feet and pockets are accented in a black running stitch. Hand quilted in a diagonal pattern. The quilt is backed in the same yellow rose calico that forms the border and the sashes. The blocks are set three across and four down.

This quilt was specifically made for Sue Carol Hayhome when she was a baby in Wyoming by her grandmother, Ethel Dewey Wilson. When the family moved to California in 1941, the quilts came along. The fact that Sue was the first name of her granddaughter was probably not lost on Ethel Dewey Wilson when she made the Sunbonnet Sue quilt. When Sue married her last name became Emery. Her Daughter, Debbie Emery also used this quilt as a child.

Used: Sue Carol Hayhome | Sue Carol Hayhome Emery | Child | Emigrant | Bakersfield | Hemet | Los Angeles

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