Postcard was sent (in a separate envelope) to history department researcher Adam Nilsen by his Greek American cousin as an invitation to the festival. Front: painting focused on a woman clothed in a Classical Greek style, surrounded by images of birds, mosaic, an olive branch, and the Parthenon. Above the image are the words, "A Taste of Greece," and below, "SAN FRANCISCO GREEK FOOD FESTIVAL." Back left: a drawing of a column with the text, "A TASTE OF GREECE," and, "SAN FRANCISCO'S ONLY GREEK FOOD FESTIVAL." A schedule is given, as well as the words, "AUTHENTIC GREEK FOOD, MUSIC AND DANCING, SHOPPING, WINE TASTING, KID'S [sic] GAMES & MORE! / PRESENT THIS POSTCARD AND RECEIVE ONE FREE ADMISSION. / ATTENDED PARKING." Credits for artwork (by Rip Kastaris) and printing (by Petrafine Art Printing) are given, and information for Duggan's Serra Mortuary in Daly City, apparently a sponsor. Back right: text, "UNITED GREEK ORTHODOX COMMUNITY OF SAN FRANCISCO, THE ANNUNCIATION," with the address, phone number, and website for the Annunciation Cathedral. An offer is extended for 10% off of a "business lunch." A large area is left blank, presumably for addressing and stamping of the postcard.

Used: Greek American | Advertising | Annunciation Cathedral

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