An Object Confronting Its Logical Other
48 in HIGH x 48 in WIDE
(121.92 cm HIGH x 121.92 cm WIDE)
Gift of Emily and David Pottruck

painted on back of canvas at TR: "[copyright symbol] E. CHAGOYA 2000"
Gallery Paule Anglim paper label on verso attached to stretcher bars at center.

This is an acrylic and water based oil painting on amate paper mounted to canvas. The composition shows a female face in black outline with her tongue sticking out and her internal organs visible. The figure is painted on a blue background that is framed with white paint to create a large blue oval at center. A band of orange is painted along the lower quarter of the canvas and slightly overlaps a yellow rectangle at the lower right. Beneath the outlined figure, a detailed portrait of a woman looking over her shoulder is partially visible, as is a symbol of an eye at upper left, and cursive text along the top of the canvas that reads "pareses et luxure" (sloth and lust). A small male figure, also with internal organs visible, appears in profile looking upward toward center at lower left where the blue, white, and orange parts of the background meet.

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