44.75 in WIDE
(113.66 cm WIDE)
Gift of Geva Arcanin

This dress is made of a very inexpensive type of plane weave cotton (like cheese cloth). It has been printed with a blue field, showing white stars, and red stripes (making red and white stripes). Festooned across the squared neckline of the front of the bodice is a red cotton twisted cord, with matching tassels. The garment has raglan sleeves. It fastens down the back with a series of hooks and eyes. There is a large area of shirring at the hips.

This dress was worn in Sacramento by Laura Josephine Holmes Scheiber (born December 25, 1891), for a Liberty Bond Drive during World War I. It is difficult to tell wether the dress was homemade, or mass produced inexpensively for a series of Liberty Bond Drives that took place across the nation. Laura wore the dress with a matching cap (2010.39.2). Yardage (2010.39.3), in a patriotic print of red, white and blue stars and stripes was probably not used in making the dress, but might have been used to drape a sales booth or table where the Liberty Bonds were sold.

Used: Sacramento | Laura Josephine Holmes Scheiber | World War I | Liberty Bond Drive

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