Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders
9.25 in HIGH x 6.375 in WIDE x 1.5 in DEEP
(23.49 cm HIGH x 16.19 cm WIDE x 3.81 cm DEEP)
Gift of the Campo Minutemen

Jim Gilchrist 8-9-08

Cover dust jacket gives title/author information and shows two men, one wearing a camouflage jacket, looking off into the distance with binoculars, with an American flag and a vehicle behind them. The back dust jacket cover shows the authors. The title page is signed and dated by Jim Gilchrist. The first two paragraphs of the synopsis on the inside cover of the dust jacket reads: "Called 'vigilantes' by President Busy--but cheered on by millions of Americans concerned over decades of uncontrolled illegal immigration--the all-volunteer Minuteman Project was founded in 2004 by decorated Marine veteran Jim Gilchrist. Armed with only binoculars and cell phones, Gilchrist and his fellow patriots proved that America's porous borders could be successfully guarded, and in the process touched off a national debate on an issue that the federal government had long ignored. "Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders is a first-hand account from the front lines, and what it says will shock you. Gilchrist teams up with Jerome R. Corsi, the co-author of Unfit for Command--the book that derailed John Kerry's presidential campaign--to describe in vivid detail how the nation's southern border has disintegrated into a Wild West of human trafficking, drug smuggling, and violent gangs."

Used: Minuteman Project

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