Kili Fm Radio The Voice Of The Lakota Nation
26 in HIGH x 18 in WIDE
(66.04 cm HIGH x 45.72 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

There is an illegible printed artist''s signature in the bottom center of the image along with "92 / _".

This is a white poster with an image in the upper half and a calendar in the bottom half. The image has a green background and a horizontal red strip across the center. There are while triangles border the red section and a Native American figure on a black horse rides from the left side of the page. There is a white eagle silhouette in the background and a circle divided into 3 sections with a cow skull in its center on the right side of the image. There is a quote attributed to "Black Elk" below the image and black text reading "Mitakuye Oyasin" below that. "1992" appears in large, yellow and red text with yellow-spiked red stripes on either side of it above the calendar. The calendar includes Lakota words for each month. There are 7 radio stations for different cities listed in large, red numbers below the calendar. "KILI FM Radio / The Voice / Of The Lakota Nation" appears in large, yellow text on a red stripe at the bottom of the page. |
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