17.125 in HIGH x 11.125 in WIDE
(43.5 cm HIGH x 28.26 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom right: "(R) "Allied Printing Union Label" 4".

Poster is mounted on another poster that is red and blue. Back has a red border. At the top right is a sun design with a dove holding a scale in its mouth. In the center is blue diangle text that reads: "Proposition / One". At the bottom of the poster is blue and red text that reads: "Vote Yes". Over the "yes" is a red check mark. The front poster is a notice for a march. Poster is printed on white paper. Poster has a blue backgroud with red bands on the left and right sides. In the center of the poster is an image of the Capitol Building with its roof open. There are black footprints walking into the roof of the Building. At the top of the Building is a price tag with a red image of the Statue of Liberty. Above and below the images is white text that reads: "Marcha / Washington D.C. / Oct. 12 1996". At the bottom of the poster is a white area with black text that reads: "Seven Demands-Seven Solutions-Seven Wonders / 1. - Human and Constitutional Rights for All. / 2. - Equal Opportunities and Affirmative Action. / 3. - Free Public Education for All, from k-12 to the University, / 4. - Expansion of Health Services. / 5. - Citizen Police Review Boards / 6. - Labor Law reform and $7.00 per Hour Minimal Wage. / 7. - Citizenship Now and Extend the Date of Eligibility for Amnesty. / (800) 410-12-96".
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