Don't get locked out
Late 20th Early 21st Century
20 in HIGH x 16 in WIDE
(50.8 cm HIGH x 40.64 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"HUD-962 (4-91)" printed in white at the bottom right corner.

Poster has central black and white images of six doors - three columns/two rows - each with white captions beneath reading, from left to right, "they just took that house off the market", "we don''t take kids in this building", "I won''t rent to you unless I see your green card", "I rented it right after you called", "you can''t put a ramp here", and "fair housing opens doors". All the doors have signs on them except the bottom right, which is open to a domestic scene with a yellow tint. Signs read, from left to right, "Not For You", "no children", "Keep Out", "Stay Out", and a handicap logo crossed out. Above the doors is yellow text reading "don''t get locked out!". At the bottom left of the poster are three paragraphs of white text about housing discrimination. At the bottom right is a phone number in yellow, a TDD number in white, and white text reading "fair housing opens doors / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development". Centered at the bottom is the Equal Opportunity Housing logo in white. Poster content set on a black background with a thin yellow border.
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