Uhuru Conference
circa 1981
16.75 in HIGH x 10.25 in WIDE
(42.54 cm HIGH x 26.03 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom center has "Allied Printing" union label and "147".

This is a yellow poster with red text and images. "Uhuru" appears in red-outlined text in the upper left corner with "Conference / Uhuri Is An African Word For Freedom" to the right. A patterned border with "Build to Win!" in the center separates this section from the one below. There is an illustration of a crowd of people holding banners with messages like "No Intervention" and "International Solidarity" in this large, central portion of the page. Lines of small text also pose questions about the "Anti-War Movement" and "Black Liberation Movement". The next section down, delineated by additional patterned borders, contains text reading "African People''s Solidarity Day / National Conference" with the date, "May 2& 3" in the lower border. A Berkeley location as well as contact information for various other states is listed in the bottom section along with "Called By The African People''s Solidarity Committee".

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