Build your own castle
Late 20th Early 21st Century
19.125 in HIGH x 12 in WIDE
(48.58 cm HIGH x 30.48 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"hoving: 31" handwritten and circled in black ink at the bottom right corner.

Poster has green ink printed on white paper. Text starting at the top left wraps around the edges of the poster and reads "Welcome to - Presented By The N.Y.C. Dept. Of Parks - Sponsored By The Delacorte Foundation - An Unprecedented Type Festival! -of Experimental Public Games - That Probe The Environment You Live In - With The 6 (or 7) Senses - Welcome! Welcome!" At the top of the poster is a text box witha green border - at the top is "Build-Your- / Own-Castle- / And......In-It- / -Day!" with a star at the end. Below the large text are two columns of text with the program for the event. At the center of the two columns is an illustration of a floating figure in a pointed hat blowing down a vertically, stepping castle that was formed by connecting numbered dots. Below the text box is "*Eat, Sleep, Work, Play!" at the left and the location at the right follwoed by the dtae (10/23) and a rain date (10/31). Verso of poster has an identical layout, with the text around the borders reading "Cast Of Credits And Characters Of - EIOAEIOAEIOAEIOAEIOAEIOAEIOAEIOA - Based On What-We-See-How-We-Look-What-We-Hear-How->How-We-Sound-What We Smell-How-We-Move-What-We-Avoid->Leapover-Stoop-Or-Dance-To-EIOAEIOAEIOAEIOAEIOAEIOAEIOAEIOAEIOA". The two columns in the text box are replaced by two columns naming the sponsors and characters. The castle is the same shape, but not made by connect the dots but of bricks. To the bottom right of the text box is "Cooperation". Below the date of the event, there is no rain date but "A P. Yampolsky Production".
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