untitled (the machine)
24.125 in HIGH x 19 in WIDE
(61.28 cm HIGH x 48.26 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"M. Rossman 12/66" handwritten in purple vertically up the top left corner.

Poster has handwritten text in purple and green with a central yellow and black graphic showing a submarine-like shape with yellow text inside reading "The / Joysday / Machine" in bubbled letteres. Above and below the graphic is black text that tappers off at the sides. Below the text at the bottom is an illustration of an eye with text within listing the sponsors. Surrounding the "submarine" are phrases in an oval, eye-like shape alternating between green and purple. Above the "eye" is purple text, printed vertically up the top of the poster. At the top left and right, interupting the purple text, are circular clusters of green and purple text - "Hail to the hippies who turned us on to new ideas at the open mike" and "if they give you lined paper write the other way Juan Ramon Jimenez". The eye and purple text/circles form a separate part of the poster that has been adhered to the bottom half. At the bottom of the poster is green text written in waves. In the spaces left between the connecting crests and bases is filled with additional green text. Centered at the bottom of the poster among the green text is a circle of purple text with poster credits.
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