A View from Hawai'i
23.88 in HIGH x 18.00 in WIDE
(60.64 cm HIGH x 45.72 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Lower left corner of drawing has: "Belsky 95". Lower right hand corner of poster is stamped: "e-mail [email protected] / www.tomasbelsky.com / Belsky / Paintings - Prints - Palabras / PO Box 1523 - Hilo, Hawaii 96721 / Phone / fax (808) 935-7981".

Poster has a stylized satirical drawing or cartoon overall. Top of poster has the text: "A View from Hawai'i". Below the drawing depicts a large pirate / skeleton figure with a cape and hat holding a missile that resembles a penis and has the text: "Z-Bomb / Testz". This pirate figure is leaning over an unconscious nude female figure sprawled on her back on a island labeled: "Polynesia". The cape of the pirate figure has the text: "For Zee Gloire / of France / Oui Must To / Bomb / La Colonie / Pacifique !". The brim of the pirate figure's hat has the text: ""Let Them Eat Cake". Just to the right of the pirate figure's head is the text: "Ah , Ma Ch?re, / Une Fois En- / Core, Une Der- / ni?re Fois, / C'Est Promis! / Ah My Sweet / just Once / More- / The Very / Last Time / I Promise !".
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