I Festival Internacional de Libro
22.375 in HIGH x 15.875 in WIDE
(56.83 cm HIGH x 40.32 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Printed on the lower right edge: "Diseno: Agustin Alonso". "Jean" handwritten in ink on verso bottom left.

Poster has black printed edges at the left, bottom, and right, enclosing a blue background with a white and orange line border meant to make the poster look like an open book. At the top of the poster is "1 Festival / Internacional / de Libro / Nicaragua 87" in white. At the center is a white lined globe with purple text at the bottom reading "El Libro, Ventana al Mundo / The Book, a Window to the World / Le Livre, Fenetre au Monde". At the bottom of the poster is a stylized white and purple dove/book logo with "Ministerio De Cultura / Local de Ferias La Pinata del 20 al 26 de Julio de 1987" in purple.
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