Masters of War, Engines of Death, Power Against The People
c. 1970
23.00 in HIGH x 17.50 in WIDE
(58.42 cm HIGH x 44.45 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom right corner has "Amazon Graphics layout/typography/design."

Poster has a black outlined image in the center with small text around. The top edge has "Masters of War, Engines of Death, Power Against The People" in large black lettering. Below is an octupus with an oil well spewing oil on its head. Each tentacle has something different at the end. From left to right: eagle, pig holding money, bomb, snake, and Richard Nixon's head. Behind the octopus are outlines of countries, Latin America, India, Indochina, Korea. In small type is a poem about the octopus becoming a hydra and things that have happened around the world. The bottom edge has a listing of events in San Francisco and sponsors. Bob Dylan's biting antiwar song "Masters of War" was released in 1963 on the The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan album. [LMC]
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