TV Preaching for Fun and Profit
17.25 in HIGH x 17.25 in WIDE
(43.81 cm HIGH x 43.81 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Printed at the bottom right of the image: "Walt Landers". Printed at the bottom right of the poster: "(c) 1987 Pious Productions, Campbell, Ca."

Laminated poster printed on white paper and designed as a satirical game commenting on televangelists with stylized imagery. At the center is a tree with money as clumps of leaves. Below the tree, two figures - an "Adam and Eve" - wear leaf clothing. To the right is a red devil operating a "Pious TV" camera and standing on hot coals. Surrounding the tree are spots to land on for the game, in the shapes of pots of money, safes and red apples, starting at the bottom left with a television. Text at the top of the poster reads "Pious Productions Presents / TV Preaching For Fun And Profit / A New Game From The Famous Fakker Family / ...become a rich TV preacher! / By Quickly Pocketing Millions Collected From Your Faithful TV Flock". The text is flanked by stylized angels.
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