20 in HIGH x 2.937 in WIDE x .25 in DEEP
(50.80 cm HIGH x 7.46 cm WIDE x .63 cm DEEP)
Gift of Susan Sugarman and Family

"Magic Key to Children's Fairyland," "Lakeside Park, Oakland, Calif. Pat. Pend. A.V.I.D.. S.F."

A: key, B: lanyard One green plastic "magic key" in the shape of a crown. One side of the key has the words "Lakeside Park Oakland Calif. Pat. Pend. A.V.I.D.. S.F." and the other side has "Magic Key to Children's Fairyland" stamped on it. The key is attached to a red and yellow handmade lanyard. The key accessed "magic boxes" that told stories throughout the park. Excerpt from email from donor Susan Sugarman, June 14, 2010: "These are the keys that we bought for our three children - now ages 23-30, when they were Fairyland visitors as little girls. I think that they used to cost $1 each. I have fond memories of enjoying Fairyland when our children were preschool age. In fact one of them had a Fairyland Birthday party...We loved feeding the goats and the fish. The miniature "ferris wheel" and Merry-go-Round were out kids first "solo" rides. My middle daughter, Emily, works for Girls Inc. and recently took a group of Kindergarten students to Fairyland. She borrowed these keys (we have 5 of them) only to find out that the "magic boxes" that tell the stories have been modified and the old mechanical keys are obsolete. These keys have been hanging in our closets for decades on gymp lanyards that the kids made at camp."

Used: Children's Fairyland

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