Aristotle's Cage
1983, 1992, 2009
5.25 ft HIGH x 8 ft WIDE x 10 ft DEEP
(1.60 m HIGH x 2.44 m WIDE x 3.05 m DEEP)
Gift of the artist and Tracey Shiffman, The Murphy Fund and members and friends of the Oakland Museum Art Guild

screen door, nature sounds on compact disc, lights
not signed
USC Atelier, Santa Monica, 1983. Mills College Art Gallery, 1985. OMCA Gallery of California Art: 1992-2007 & 2009 +.

Installation on table top in viewing chamber, lit with red bulbs from behind with fiber optics lights in scene, two (dog and human) skeletons hanging from sky like constellations and compact disc sound elements, the entire installation enclosed in a room with a swinging screen door.

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