35.5 in HIGH x 15 in WIDE x 4.5 in DEEP
(90.17 cm HIGH x 38.10 cm WIDE x 11.43 cm DEEP)
Klamath River Territory
Museum Purchase

on exhibit

Quiver, white fox skin, red feathers. Very rare. "Not a quiver. Used in ceremonial dances suspended from the end of a pole. Probably highly sought after. Additional materials: mouthpiece includes braided woodwardia and beargrass." (George Blake, 9/95)

From the History Information Station "Object: Albino fox skin with acorn woodpecker scalps on its ears and eyes and its buckskin 'tongue.' It was collected among the lower Klamath River peoples, and dates to the late 19th or early 20th century.History: Rare and hard-to-acquire skins such as this one were items of wealth. The woodpecker scalps add to its value."

Used: ceremonial dance

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