Playing for Keeps. Taken 1891
4.25 in HIGH x 6.5 in WIDE
(10.79 cm HIGH x 16.51 cm WIDE)
Gift of Edwin R. Jackson

Posed photo of children playing marbles in dirt street. Children in short pants, short checked coats, straw hats and caps. One boy on crutches with amputated leg. Older girls in dresses, one girl with hat. Street in background. This photograph was included in the Oakland Museum exhibit "Oakland Revisited" , February 26 through April 24, 1977, under the title "Shooting Marbles in the Dusty Street." The town of Clinton bordered the original town of Oakland at the southeast shore of Lake Merritt. In 1870, Clinton and the small settlements of San Antonio and Lynn were incorporated into the town of Brooklyn. Two years later, Oakland annexed Brooklyn. (From the portfolio of photographs related to the exhibit entitled "Oakland Revisited". Added to this record 8/2000 by P. Mendelsohn. San Antonio neighborhood
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