Oakland Contracting Company's Steam Roller, Taken 1892
4.625 in HIGH x 6.625 in WIDE
(11.75 cm HIGH x 16.83 cm WIDE)
Gift of Edwin R. Jackson

Photo of steam roller on city street. Workman standing on steam roller. Laurel Fish Market in background. Butcher standing in background, white apron and coat, with four dressed carcasses. (D. Cooper, 3/2000) This image appeared in "Oakland Revisited" with the following caption: "Paving 13th Avenue, East Oakland, 1892, Edwin R. Jackson." (P. Mendelsohn, 8/2002) Continuing the caption referenced above, "A common road paving method of the late 19th century was macadam. Small stones or crushed rocks were compacted in multiple layers and cemented into a hard surface with stone dust and water. Heavy steam-powered rollers were used to accomplish the task."
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