The area subdivided on this map is bounded on the east by Colby St. and on the west by Racine St. The southern boundary is Maple St. and the northern boundary is Alcatraz Ave. The east-west streets shown on the drawing are Maple St., Cherry St. Yolo St., Rose St. Thorn St. Tulare St. Lily St., Colusa Ave., Joy St. and North St. Humboldt Ave. (now Telegraph Ave.) transverses the entire subdivision in a northeasterly direction. Canning St., Spring St. and School St. are north-south streets, but none of them runs the entire length of the subdivision. The Peralta School House is shown in the block delineated by Humboldt Ave., Alcatraz Ave., School St. and Joy St. The Alcatraz Station is shown to be at the intersection of Alcatraz Ave. and Humboldt Ave. The "Tract List" compiled by Quentin dates the Roberts and Wolfskill Tract at 1887. Snyder & Gillis are shown to be the real estate agents. A narrow gauge railroad travels along Humboldt Ave. An index map is also included which shows the Roberts and Wolfskill Tract as a darkened portion.

Used: William F. Boardman

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