ca. 1969
.375 in WIDE
(.95 cm WIDE)
Gift of Irene Wong

WHAT DO YOU CALL THE OBJECT? Chinese paint brush BECAUSE: used to paint with THE OBJECT REPRESENTS: work and family EXPLAIN WHY (BELIEF OR FEELING): My dad has lots of chinese customers so sometimes he has to write letters with his brush also he paints - I use it sometimes but not very often. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION - SHAPE: like a tube COLOR(S): Kind of gold and white MATERIAL: bamboo and hair CULTURAL DESCRIPTION OF OBJECT: WHERE DID YOU FIND IT? In my dad's office HOW DID IT GET THERE? (Where did it come from) From a store in S.F. WHO DID IT BELONG TO? my father WHO MADE IT? Hong-Kong people HOW WAS IT MADE? I don't know; They probably put the hair in from the other end and glued it in. WHAT OTHER KINDS OF OBJECTS ARE SIMILAR TO THIS ONE OR USED WITH THIS ONE? regular paint brush. Have house ink with it. HOW IS THE OBJECT USED? to write letters and paint pictures WHO USES THE OBJECT MOST OF THE TIME? My dad. WHERE WOULD YOU USUALLY FIND THE OBJECT? in his office IS IT BROKEN OR COMPLETE?--what is missing? complete but one end is split WHAT DO YOU FEEL ABOUT IT, THINK ABOUT IT--YOUR ATTITUDE: I don't really care about it but it would be fun to paint with it. VALUE: WHAT IS THE FUTURE HISTORICAL VALUE OF THE OBJECT? representa a culture. WHY DID YOU SELECT IT? You have to have something to represent your family and it represents work at the same time. HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK THE OBJECT IS WORTH TODAY? $1.00 - $1.50 WOULD YOU LIKE TO KEEP THE OBJECT? yes

Used: student | Chinese American | King Jr. High School | Work | Family | Hayward

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