Early 20th C.
Museum Purchase

The Chinese Case | Cowell Hall of California History

Chinese women's slippers. Description: early 20th C. Heavy cloth, natural color, embroidered with intricate floral designs in pinks, greens, purples, oranges. Trapunto emboidered design on each toe. Raised platform heel of white composition. Size 5. History: Slippers were given to donor's father, Mr. Charles Klambt, who was the landlord of a residential building on 6th and Madison Streets, Oakland. The building was occupied by Chinese families. The slippers were presented to Mr. Klambt from the Lee family in appreciation for the many favors he granted them during the depression years. General History: (from Hjordis Fox, docent researcher) These slippers came into Chinese fashion after foot binding was no longer allowed. However, the small foot was still appreciated, so the larger shoe was placed upon the platform heel, with the dress coming down over the toe of the slipper, so that only the heels showed, appearing as tiny as the bound foot once was.

Used: Chinese ~ woman | Charles Klambt ~ Oakland | Bound foot | Produce and waterfront neighborhood

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