ca. 1910-1920
2.75 in HIGH x 7 in WIDE x 1.5 in DEEP
(6.98 cm HIGH x 17.78 cm WIDE x 3.81 cm DEEP)
Museum Purchase

Goggles. Description: Auto driving goggles, glass with metal rims, mesh cloth and cloth "fur" to keep out dust, elastic straps.

From History Information Station:Object: Aviation goggles. steel frames and glass lenses, with canvas sides; black elastic strapsHistory: Goggles were essential for the early aviator. The cockpits of the planes were open, and the wind blew directly into a flier's face. If he could not see his hand controls and the dials on the dashboard, he could not operate his machine and could easily crash. The early airplanes were very dangerous. Many pilots died in crashes caused by mechanical failure, while others lost control. Calbraith Rogers, the first man to fly across the U.S., died when he crashed in a few feet of water, and Joseph Montgomery was killed in a fall of 25 feet.Museum Purchase

Used: automobile

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