84 in HIGH x 84 in WIDE x 139 in DEEP
(213.36 cm HIGH x 213.36 cm WIDE x 353.06 cm DEEP)
Gift of Standard Oil of California

Wagon. Description: Standard Oil Horse Drawn Tanker Wagon. It has a hitch to hook two horses in front. It has a driver bench in front. The body of the wagon is made of metal, and it has a domed roof. It rests on the frame of the wagon made of wood an metal, with four wheels. It has wood compartments around the body. On the back there are two doors that open two small compartments. Below are four dispensers made of pipes with faucets, two for gas and two for oil. The wagon is painted green. On the sides of the driver's bench is written in red letters: "Standard Oil 198." On proper right side of the wagon is written: "Red Crown, Gasoline of Quality;" on proper left side of the wagon is written: "Zerolene, Standard Oil for Motorcars." These wagons were used to carry and sell gasoline and oil for automobiles.

Used: Standard Oil | Oil | Gasoline | Automobile ~ service

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