16 in HIGH
(40.64 cm HIGH)
Gift of Pioneer Museum

Glass jars. Description: two tall domed glass jars at $6.50 each, = $13.00. Remarks: the above items were called for by the Oakland Museum on October 25. From the History Information Station: Object: Five glass display jars from a Stockton area agricultural fair contain- ing California agricultural products; almonds, English walnuts, raisins, medium grain rice and red wheat. Ca. 1915. History: These jars represent some of California's leading agricultural exports. The state produces 99% of the U.S. walnut crop and over half of the world's almonds. Over 60% of the world's raisins are cured in the hot, dry summers of the San Joaquin Valley. By 1970, over 300,000 acres of California farmland were planted in rice, much of which was shipped to Puerto Rico and South Korea. Wheat, less important today than in the nineteenth century, was grown in vast acreages and shipped around the horn to England, where it was known as California white velvet.

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