Looking Down Echo Canon, From Death's Rock from The Great West Illustrated in a Series of Photographic Views Across the Continent
12.8125 HIGH x 18.125 WIDE
(32.54 HIGH)
Gift of George E. Arnott

"Plate 30. Looking Down Echo Canon, From Death's Rock" printed below the image in capitalized letters.

This is a single page from "The Great West Illustrated in a Series of Photogrpahic Views Across the Continent" that contains an albumen print photograph.

The print shows a man standing next to a dirt trail used by wagons. In the background are several covered wagons along the trail. The trail is surrounded by vegatation and a mountain.

"Note wagon train that has moved along graded road bed during exposure, leaving a ghost image in its wake. The title, Death Rock, seems to come from a story that a man stood on the top of the rock and dared a friend of his, standing far below, to try to shoot him. According to legend, the rifle's aim was true and the man fell off the rock, dead. Story related by Andrew Russell in the annotated captions in the front of the Great West Illustrated." Remarks per Glenn Willumson for the NEA Russell Grant, July 2013 - June 2015.
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